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Senior Men's Doubles Tennis League

We play every week: This league is a program offered by the High Point Tennis Center dixonthat provides men, 55 years of age or older, an opportunity to play tennis in a fun and relaxed environment, where the social aspect is as important as the tennis itself. Unlike many leagues, this one does not require any long-term commitment. You play when you want.

We play every Tuesday and Friday, year round, weather permitting. The overall objective of this league is to play tennis while enjoying the camaraderie and player fellowship. Courts are reserved for the matches, two hours year-round at 8:00 am during the spring and summer months, and 9:00 am during the fall and winter months.


The structure of the play: Each foursome plays three sets, rotating partners for each set. Scores are recorded only for the Friday play. Friday scores are used for calculating player rankings, which are then used to determine who plays whom on the following Fridays.  Please click on this link for all the details: League Rules.


Notification:An invitation (Evite) is emailed twice a week to registered players for each  session, one for the Tuesday session and one for the Friday session. You must respond to the Evite if you want to play. If you respond ‘yes’, please show up.


Rankings:The number of games won and the number of games played are recorded for each Friday play. Rankings are determined by calculating a 13-week rolling winning percentage and these rankings are used to determine court assignments the following Friday.


League registration: Prospective players must provide an e-mail address and telephone number to register for the league. Want to join the league, or have a question? Then contact the league committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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