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Youth Tennis Classes - ages 5-12

High Point offers group lessons year-round to children ages 5 & up. Once introduced to the game, players are encouraged to continue playing through progressively more challenging and enjoyable tennis playing formats.

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Group lessons are very popular, so don't delay! Classes are taught by USPTA or USPTR certified pros. The "QuickStart" method is used for our youngest kids17players. This includes courts and equipment specially tailored to this age demographic. Every class has an instructional and a play portion, with a class size of generally 4-8 students. To ensure a continuous chain of instruction, it is recommended that students enroll for multiple sessions at the time of initial registration. For example, a student should enroll for a Beginner class in the first session, an Advanced Beginner class in the second session, and an Advanced Beginner II class in the third session.

Class Progression Based On Age:

Youth 5-7 years: PeeWee I, PeeWee II, Pre-Junior Development (PJD) I, PJD II, PJD III

Youth 8-10 years: Beginner, Advanced Beginner I, Advanced Beginner II, Pre-Junior Development (PJD) I, PJD II, PJD III or Future Stars.

Youth 11-12 years: Beginner, Advanced Beginner I, Advanced Beginner II, Future Stars or Competitive.

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Youth who have previously taken classes or private lessons elsewhere, may be evaluated at no charge to determine the  most appropriate class level. This especially applies to youth seeking class instruction to prepare them for school teams and tournaments.


  • Tues & Thurs, 6:00 pm

Evaluations are brief and assess mastery of the basic strokes.

NOTE: Our advanced programs require that students be pre-approved by a current High Point instructor before enrolling. This applies to: Pre Junior Development Program Levels I, II, & III, Future Stars, Competitive, High Performance 10 & Under & High Performance Juniors. Registration for these advanced programs must be done through the pro shop (by phone or in person). Online registration is not available for these courses.

CLASS LENGTH: Classes are typically held twice during the week (for 3 weeks - total of 6 classes) or once on the weekend (for 4 weeks - 4 classes). NOTE: The advanced programs (Pre Junior Development, Future Stars, Competitive, High Performance 10 and Unders & High kids13Performance Juniors), have a more extensive schedule. Please call the pro shop for details.

HOW TO REGISTER: Register through Recreation Online. You may also call us at (972) 941-7170 to register your child over the phone.

PAYMENT: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA, personal check or cash. *Note: If paying by credit card, the transaction will appear as "ACT*Active Network* on your statement.

CANCELLATION POLICY: You may withdraw your child up to 2 weeks before the first class. If desired, you may have a credit placed on your account for future use in the Plano Parks & Recreation system or request a credit to the credit card used. Refunds will not be given after this time, but may be used to transfer the child into a different tennis class section, based on their instructor's recommendation. If a class is cancelled due to insufficient registration, a credit is automatically placed on the family's account. 

Youth Tennis Class Descriptions:


  • Pee Wee I ages 5-7— In a program specially created for our youngest players, QuickStart equipment and teaching methods are used to introduce youngsters to tennis in a fun and rewarding way. The children will love their first tennis experience and will want to continue to play!
  • Pee Wee II ages 5-7 — A continuation of Pee Wee I. Students must take Pee Wee I before enrolling in Pee Wee II.
  • Beginner Ages 8-10  —  This class introduces young players to tennis in a fun and rewarding way. Fundamental strokes, games, and scoring are emphasized as well as actual play on QuickStart courts.
  • Beginner Ages 11-12 — This class is for youth who are new to tennis. Players will learn fundamental strokes, with an introduction to scoring through instruction on the proper mechanics and use of games. Classes are taught on our regular courts.
  • Advanced Beginner I (Ages 8-10 OR Ages 11-12)  —  A continuation of the Beginner class with main emphasis on the serve and ground strokes. Games, drills, and match-like play situations are used for enjoyment and to encourage stroke development.
  • Advanced Beginner II (Ages 8-10 OR Ages 11-12)  —  This class is a follow up to the Advanced Beginner I class. Students must have taken the Advanced Beginner I class or equivalent to enroll in Advanced Beginner II. Games, drills, and point-like situations are emphasized more as players' skill levels improve.

Once players have mastered the basic tennis classes, they may register for our one of of junior development programs (must be approved by an instructor). Regisration for these offerings must be done through the pro shop.